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Mom & Roses

There are many reasons why we should give a rose to a woman, one of them is Mother's Day. The delicacy, love, and purity of a rose is symbolically the best way to express gratitude towards women for their extraordinary work as moth

There is a language in roses, a language that spectacularly describes the meaning of each color. For example, some say that a RED roses scream love, or a YELLOW rose says I trust your , or I have joy and goodness, a PINK rose can describe the nobility or the femininity that characterizes a woman, and a WHITE rose will express purity and eternity.

The interesting thing about this…. is that we would have to gather all the colors of roses in a room to represent what a single woman does. A mother for example loves, trusts, provides friendship, is pure… so many qualities gathered in a single person. Happy Mothers' Day !

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