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Environmental and EcoWork

We are committed to protecting the environment and the people of this planet.


ECUATORIAN FLOWER has created more than 400 new jobs in an area where there was almost no job opportunity for workers to be well paid, nor obtain social benefits.


All of our workers receive a fair wage, including medical care. Our company policy does not promote the hiring of minors, and in addition mainly women manage the harvest, selection and packaging of roses.

ECUATORIAN FLOWER has a day care center for children of working mothers. We are proud to offer all our employees' children a clean, safe and comfortable care center with experienced and certified teachers to provide early education for the youngest children. We believe that given a good start, children acquire the initiative for proper learning.


Thanks to our philosophy and consistent work we have the following certifications:


Rainforest Alliance, a certification that complements the value of environmental, organic and other labels, addressing social issues, improving the productivity of workers and their satisfaction at work.

FlorEcuador® a program that integrates Social Responsibility, Environmental Protection and the Application of Good Agricultural Practices.


BASC an international business alliance, created to promote safe international trade in cooperation with governments and international organizations.


Flowers for Kids® a program that involves the interaction of children with flowers in one hour of class.

Integrated Management System Policy for


ECUATORIAN FLOWER GRUNKO CIA LTDA is   a company dedicated to the production, marketing, and export of roses, who is also responsible for taking care of  the safety and  the occupational health of its collaborators. ECUATORIAN FLOWER GRUNKO CIA Ltda prevents acts of corruption,  bribery, illicit activities, as well as minimizes risks and environmental impacts in all of its  operations and processes via the implementation of proper plans and prevention programs.

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