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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

If you're a lover of roses, then surely you will understand what we are talking about:

1. Roses are part of a large family

There are hundreds of varieties that vary greatly in color, shape and climate preference. However, tea roses are the most common.

2. Roses are the most popular flower

According to a survey conducted among 30,000 gardeners, roses are by far, the most popular flower around the world.

3. Roses have hidden messages in their colors

According to the dictionaries of flowers and dating back to the Victorian era, the color of a rose determines its symbolism. Red Roses symbolize love, pinks symbolize grace, peach is modesty, and orange can mean fascination.

4. Roses have deep historical roots

According to the Guinness Book of Records, roses are the oldest species of plants being cultivated for decor. The ancient Romans cultivated flowers to decorate buildings and furniture, and even used petals to create carpets made out of roses.

5. Rose plants last for many years

It is said that the oldest rose in the world grows in the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany, where it is believed that it has more than 1000 years of age.

6. Roses can grow very tall

The highest rose registered was in Morristown, New Jersey and it came to have more than 5 meters in height. They say that the largest rose bouquet was composed by 156.940 stems.

7. February is the month for rose lovers

About 100 million roses are grown for Valentine's day each year, florists spend months leading up to the big day worrying because bad weather could ruin crops around the world.

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